2018-11-04 Eric GillespieAttempt to match Microsoft file name rules. master
2018-11-04 Eric GillespieCommit a bunch of state sitting around in the old bzr...
2015-10-30 epghack out my ancient shitty util library
2014-04-07 epg@pretzelnet.orglooks like i got rid of ByteVectorSet on Mar 11 15...
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgnote bug
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgswitch to regex.h
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgremove my old crappy flac module, unused for a while
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgs/ostream/iostream/; s/diag/file_diag/
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgTell gcc to allow modern C++, fix clean target
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgRewrote and stop taglib from re-encoding as UTF-16.
2014-01-12 epg@pretzelnet.orglame id3v2-grep tool
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... Oops, fix improper use of a quoted fn when reading...
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... oops, remove debugging md5sum
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... todo
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... oops, always need to remove picfn now
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... switch to metaflac --export-picture-to
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... add C++ build rules
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... add more tests apparently written on May 13 2013
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... set mode on output file, and don't clobber existing
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... more cleanup
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... more error check
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... some cleanup
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... fix for flacs with no embedded art
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... untested attempt to add error checking
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... add stupid hack for checking missing files
2013-12-08 <epg@pretzelnet... here's a never-submitted bug-fix to tags.make_filename
2013-05-14 <epg@pretzelnet... Fix bugs:
2013-05-14 <epg@pretzelnet... make get_path_safe return None when no tag value
2013-05-14 <epg@pretzelnet... drop unused, strange make_filename returning just the...
2013-02-01 epg@pretzelnet.orgHmm, some standardization sitting around in a working...
2013-01-25 <epg@pretzelnet... Use ALBUMARTIST as filename if available, fallback...
2013-01-21 <epg@pretzelnet... Remove variable 'outfile', unused since I switched...
2013-01-21 <epg@pretzelnet... Use TPOS to store discnumber in mp3 files.
2013-01-18 <epg@pretzelnet... add --no-utf8-convert to flac2mp3 and flacsplit metafla...
2013-01-18 <epg@pretzelnet... copy VERSION values into mp3 title, in parens
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... untested error handling changes
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... Oops, really unify, and also fix SubprocessError to...
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... unify subprocess handling
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... Implement (and tested) do_write.
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... make the do_write stub actually work (missing imports...
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... Don't save TRACKNUMBER.
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... some write work
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... Add filename building.
2012-12-27 <epg@pretzelnet... Obviously haven't run this in a while; forgot to remove...
2012-12-26 <epg@pretzelnet... don't throw Exception from do_read
2012-12-26 <epg@pretzelnet... Expand SubprocessError to report the failing command...
2012-12-26 <epg@pretzelnet... Oops, abs(status) in SubprocessError.
2012-12-26 <epg@pretzelnet... add note about abuse of Tags
2012-12-26 <epg@pretzelnet... Start on a script to help rewrite tags en masse.
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgsome demo apic reading code; would be nice to save...
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgrename
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgadd tool for stripping tags
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgsimple reindent
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgreorder includes
2012-11-02 epg@pretzelnet.orgrejigger this to a stand-alone tool rather than a py...
2012-11-01 epg@pretzelnet.orgWhen I switched from my crappy taglib module to using...
2012-07-24 epg@pretzelnet.orgnote how stupid lame is
2012-07-24 epg@pretzelnet.orgAdd --id3v2-latin1. Default in newer lame is to transco...
2012-07-24 epg@pretzelnet.orgspecify --pad-id3v2-size 0; it seems to make no differe...
2012-07-24 epg@pretzelnet.orglame supports adding album art directly, it's just...
2012-07-24 epg@pretzelnet.orgSwitch from --add-id3v2 to --id3v2-only (sadly, lame...
2012-01-02 <epg@pretzelnet... Don't fetch same ASIN image twice.
2012-01-02 <epg@pretzelnet... don't fetch images for asin=None
2012-01-02 <epg@pretzelnet... Don't make so many calls to Musicbrainz web service.
2012-01-01 epg@pretzelnet.orgWrite ALBUMARTIST field and adapt to some API changes.
2012-01-01 epg@pretzelnet.orgCopy ALBUMARTIST from FLAC file to TPE2 in ID3.
2012-01-01 epg@pretzelnet.org/usr/bin/python
2008-01-04 epg+ look into sacredchao.net/quodlibet/wiki/Development...
2007-12-05 epg(flac_pictures): Fix compile warnings about description...
2007-12-05 epgFinalize release notes.
2007-12-05 epgdoc fix
2007-12-05 epgAdd missing option documentation.
2007-12-05 epg(main): Write tempdir to stderr so user doesn't have...
2007-12-05 epgbugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=439790
2007-12-05 epg(run_flac): Only add --picture option if cover.front...
2007-12-05 epgOnly flac2mp3 needs taglib.
2007-12-05 epgFrom Martin Michlmayr:
2007-04-21 epgMove flac.so and taglib.so to flac_archive package.
2007-04-21 epgBah, go ahead and require flac 1.1.3 .
2007-04-21 epgOops, forgot this.
2007-04-21 epgSince mp3 has no FEATURING tag, append those to ARTIST.
2007-04-21 epgPick minor style nit.
2007-04-21 epgUse flac_archive.tags.Tags, greatly simplifying things...
2007-04-21 epgMake use of Tags.gets's new separator argument.
2007-04-21 epgMove Tags class into new flac_archive package, fix...
2007-04-15 epgs/'''/"""/
2007-04-12 epgpointless quote change
2007-03-29 epgDump svn:keywords .
2007-03-29 epgAll files have at least one track.
2007-03-29 epgFix pics nonsense.
2007-03-29 epg(flac2mp3): Fix skip_until processing: stop pointless...
2007-03-26 epgSupport my old, numberless TITLE tags.
2007-03-26 epg(flac2mp3): Never set date to 'unknown'.
2007-03-26 epg1.1.3 has been out a while; uncomment --picture support.
2006-11-07 epgBah unicode.
2006-11-07 epgAdd hack to pull down musicbrainz info without having...
2006-11-02 epgUpdate CHANGES, list another dependency in README.
2006-11-02 epgmore
2006-11-02 epgTODO
2006-11-02 epgs/--export-vc-to/--export-tags-to/