descriptionManage FLAC-based CD archive
ownerEric Gillespie
last changeSun, 4 Nov 2018 02:39:30 +0000 (19:39 -0700)
Tools I've used to manage my FLAC-based CD archive for 10 years. Installation is a mess because I haven't tried to make this easy for others to use.
Rip CD (one WAV file per track or one whole-disc WAV) and fetch tags and front album cover for all matching albums from MusicBrainz. Sadly, MusicBrainz always references low-res album art, so that feature is pretty worthless.
Watch current directory for fa-rip output, convert WAV files to FLAC, applying tags and album art. Tag processing is pretty broken; one of these days I'll unify with rewrite-tags which is better.
Make MP3 copies of FLAC files, always one track per file, even when input is one whole-disc FLAC file.
Quick hack to split a whole-disc FLAC file into one file per track. Sorta works but probably need rewrite-tags afterwards. The oldest tool in here.
Grep for ID3v2 frames.
Quick hack to ease editing of tags in FLAC files.
Quick hack to strip unwanted tags from ID3v2 frames.
Quick hacks to read and write APIC frames in MP3 files. I lost some changes a while ago and haven't used these since then, so possibly they're broken. I'll fix them if I ever need them again.
2018-11-04 Eric GillespieAttempt to match Microsoft file name rules. master
2018-11-04 Eric GillespieCommit a bunch of state sitting around in the old bzr...
2015-10-30 epghack out my ancient shitty util library
2014-04-07 epg@pretzelnet.orglooks like i got rid of ByteVectorSet on Mar 11 15...
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgnote bug
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgswitch to regex.h
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgremove my old crappy flac module, unused for a while
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgs/ostream/iostream/; s/diag/file_diag/
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgTell gcc to allow modern C++, fix clean target
2014-01-13 epg@pretzelnet.orgRewrote and stop taglib from re-encoding as UTF-16.
2014-01-12 epg@pretzelnet.orglame id3v2-grep tool
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... Oops, fix improper use of a quoted fn when reading...
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... oops, remove debugging md5sum
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... todo
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... oops, always need to remove picfn now
2013-12-09 <epg@pretzelnet... switch to metaflac --export-picture-to
2 years ago master