descriptionFiltering mh inc(1) for Maildir
ownerEric Gillespie
last changeSat, 3 May 2014 00:58:38 +0000 (17:58 -0700)
2014-05-03 epg Gillespieundocumented lightly tested support for CODE ref filters master
2014-04-17 epgquick hack to update a db mapping message-id to message...
2014-04-17 epgquick hack to make inc require-able
2014-04-15 epgConvert dates to local time (error handling untested).
2014-04-14 epgAdd trivial program to summarize header and MIME info.
2013-12-03 epg@google.comStop logging.
2009-04-02 epg@google.comFix bug after making get_headers return hash ref.
2009-04-01 epg@google.comKill stray XXX comment.
2009-04-01 epg@google.comAs ajk points out, get_headers really just want to...
2009-04-01 epg@google.comImplement custom scan of SPAM messages instead of using...
2009-04-01 epg@pretzelnet.orgDon't try \r line-erasing tricks if stdout is not a...
2009-03-26 epg@google.comDump Id keyword and /usr/bin/env trampoline.
2008-03-25 epg(getfiles): Fix long-standing annoyance: "1 messages..."
2006-04-13 epgLook for spam in spam/new.
2006-04-02 epg(filter_mail): Slight problem with r1880: we don't...
2006-03-30 epg(maildir_spam): Don't whine if maildir/spam doesn't...
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